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folder Choir miking
Application suggestions for miking a choir
folder Conferences
Choosing and placing microphones to pick up conferences and teleconferences
folder Miscellaneous
Weddings, videos, sound cards, congregation, mic parts, therapy sessions, phantom power, etc.
folder Musical instrument mic techniques
Suggestions on mic choice and placement for various musical instruments and vocals.
folder Questions about Crown microphone models
Questions about Crown CM, GLM, LM, MB, PCC, PZM, SASS and Sound Grabber microphones
folder Stage - Auditorum - Theater
Mic techniques for theater stage and auditoriums
folder Wireless applications
How to use Crown mics with wireless transmitters.

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document Where can I find retail prices for Crown products?
for retail prices for Crown products.
document What are the differences between the wired and wireless versions of Crown head- worn mics?
The wired versions are the CM-311A and CM-312A. The wireless versions are the CM-311AE and CM-312AE. The headband and mic elements are the same on...
document What wireless systems are compatible with Crown head-worn mics?
Crown CM-311AE and CM-312AE mics will work with most wireless transmitters that have a three-wire configuration (separate ground, audio and bias...
document What is phantom power?
Phantom power is 12 to 48 volts DC (typically 48V) applied to pins 2 and 3 of a condenser microphone's XLR connector to power the microphone's...
document What is the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones?
The terms dynamic and condenser refer to the two most common forms of professional microphones. They refer to the method in which the microphone...
document What type of power do the various Crown mic models require?
All Crown microphones are the condenser type (see above) and require power to operate. Most operate on standard 12- to 48-volt phantom power only,...
document What is the difference between a PZM microphone and a PCC microphone?
While both microphones are considered boundary or surface-mounted microphones, they are quite different in application and use. The Pressure Zone...
document Why have different PZM microphone models?
Crown makes different PZM models for different or specialized applications. The PZM-30D and PZM-6D are identical in response and share the same...
document What is the difference between a CM-30 and a CM-31 microphone?
The only difference between the two models is in the housing of the electronics module. The CM-30 electronics interface module installs in a standard...
document What is the difference between the LM-201 and the LM-300A series microphones?
The LM-201 and the LM-300A lectern mics both are professional quality electret-condenser mics. They have a supercardioid polar pattern which helps...
document My Sound Grabber is louder with the supplied battery than with a different battery. Why?
The Sound Grabber should sound the same with any fresh AAA battery. Make sure your battery is new and is putting out 1.5 volts. Packaged batteries...
document How do I purchase Crown Products?
Crown products are sold through dealers and mail-order catalogs rather than directly from Crown. If you are in North America, to see a list of Crown...
document What is a Differoid?
Differoid is short for Differential Cardioid. "Differential" means that the mic works on the difference in sound pressure betwen the front and rear...
document Where can I get Crown mic parts and service?
I have a CM-300 that needs the foam replaced inside the windscreen and around the capsule. The original foam is rotten. Where can I get this done? Do...