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folder IQ Network Software
FAQs about working with Crown IQ For Windows and IQwic software.
folder Legacy IQ Network Products
Information about the use of older discontinued IQ Network (IQ System) products.

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document How do I readdress components?
On occasion, it may be necessary to change the address of one or more components in your IQ System. When a component is readdressed, any changes made...
document Why does my CTs amplifier show 100% ODEP with USP2 and USP2/CN Cards?
CTs Amplifiers require the use of USP2 firmware version 1.01 or higher; USP2/CN is version 2.01 or higher. This new firmware also requires the use of...
document What are the differences between IQ-PIP modules?
There are four models of IQ PIP modules currently available. These include the IQ-P.I.P.-MEM, IQ-P.I.P.-SMT, IQ-PIP-USP2, and IQ-PIP-USP2/CN. The...
document What are the compatibility issues I need to worry about with IQ-PIP modules?
Depending on the vintage of amplifier and type of PIP, there are some combinations that work better together than others. The most important issue is...
document How do I store presets in the IQ-USM 810 and IQ-PIP-USP2?
There are two important steps to follow for storing unit settings as a preset within the IQ-USM 810 and IQ-PIP-USP2, and they must be performed in...
document What Crown IQ components can serve as system interface?
The IQ-INT II or IQ-USM 810 may be used as a system interface for all types of IQ products including both older components and newer IQ2 protocol...
document Why can't I get my PC to communicate with the interface?
If you are having difficulty establishing communication between your PC an the IQ System interface, check the following parameters in order: Close...
document How do I purchase Crown Products?
Crown products are sold through dealers and mail-order catalogs rather than directly from Crown. If you are in North America, to see a list of Crown...
document I don't know anything about networking. Can I get I-Tech's networking up and running quickly without reading a book or taking a class?
In IQWic version 7, a network wizard is included under the Setup Menu to assist in the process of setting up your network. The software looks at your...
document USM-810 / PS8810 cycles sh1,sh2,sh3,sh4. Can I fix it?
This type of problem need to come back to Crown for Factory service it is not user repairable.
document A USM-810 / PS-8810 shows an "E" error code. What is it?
This type of problem ususally has to do with a SHARC processor error of one type or another and will need to come back to Crown for...
document What PIP modules are compatable with what amps?
We have a compatability chart available on our web site at:  
document How do I update the firmware in my CDi, DSi, or XTi amplifier for use with System Architect?
Please visit this page for instructions: