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How do I mike a conference with CM-30 or CM-31 hanging mics?

I have been assigned the task of finding a cost estimate for miking a conference room that is approximately 25' x 35'. I have read the posts on the website that recommend either the CM-30 or CM-31 mics for this sort of application and I would guess that either 4 or 6 mics would be needed. From what I understand, these two mic models are both wired. Are there any mics that receive power through a hanging wire but transmit their signal wirelessly? I would like to find a cost estimate for both a wired and wireless solution.
Ben Michels, student intern, Enterprise Technology, Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

Reply: If the conference room is 25' x 35', I'm guessing that the conference table is about 20' x 30' or smaller. If there are six people on each long side of the table (12 people total), you'd use one mic in between every two people, or six mics total, arm's length away.

The CM-30 or CM-31 costs about $210 street price, so the total cost for the mics would be about $1260. Ideally you'd plug them into an automatic mixer such as made by Shure.

Sorry, I don't know of any mics that receive power through a hanging wire but transmit their signals wirelessly.

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