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How do I prevent turn-on pops with the CM-311A?

We recently purchased a CM-311A mic and absolutely love it. One issue we have, however, is that when we switch it on it makes loud pop in our PA system. We suspect it's due to the phantom power but don't how to eliminate it from happening. I saw your article on Popless Mic On-Off switch but wasn't for sure if that would correct this problem.
Mike Boguske

Reply: We're glad you like the CM-311A. It has two switches: a slide switch and a pushbutton switch. The slide switch applies power to the mic. The pushbutton switch turns the signal on or off. It can be programmed for push-on/push-off, momentary off (mute), or momentary on (press to talk).

If the mic is turned on with the slide switch, it will pop due to the sudden application of power. So, at the beginning of a gig, turn down that mic's channel on your mixer and turn on the slide switch so you don't hear a pop. During the gig, use the pushbutton switch to turn the mic on and off silently. After the gig or during a break, turn down that mic's channel on your mixer and turn off the slide switch to prevent battery drain.

You can change the operation of the pushbutton switch. Open the belt-pack case by removing the three screws. Inside is a three-way slide switch. Set the switch for the kind of operation you prefer (probably push-on/push-off). 
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