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How do I place a PCC-160 on a table?

We are currently using a PCC-160 as a table mic on the stage at our congregation.Typically, it is used for a two-person discussion at a 3 ft. round table. Some of our partcipants are soft speakers. I am having a bit of difficulty finding the optimal placement of the microphone and of the participants around the table in general. Any suggestions you might be able to give me would be appreciated.
Sam Bishop

Reply: Because the PCC-160 picks up mainly from in front, and less to the sides and back, it's important to keep people in front of the microphone.

For a round table with two participants, place the PCC-160 in the center of the table aiming at the two people (see below).

For a square table with six participants, I'd suggest that you put the mic near one edge of the table aiming toward the center of the table, put the quiet talkers directly in front of the mic (on the side opposite the mic). If you have more than two talkers, put louder talkers on either side. Don't put anyone on the side where the mic is located. This placement is illustrated below.

Some people have had success by putting the PCC near one corner of the table aiming toward the center, and grouping the participants generally in front of the microphone (as shown below).


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