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Can I use a PCC-170 on a stage to record opera?

I do a lot of recording of opera and other musical events at venues that typically have PCC-160s of their own on the stage (I use my own mics in the pit). However, I occasionally get called in to venues without floor mics, and hope to pick up some boundary mics for this use. There seem to be a lot of used PCC-170s around at better prices than used PCC-160s. Specifications seem to be the same. Can you comment on relative performance of the PCC-170 and PCC-170SW for this application?
Barry, Ullanta MusicWorks

Reply: Compared to the PCC-160, the PCC-170 and PCC-170SW have a flatter high-frequency response, which probably is desirable for recording opera. Current drain in the PCC-160 and PCC-170 is 4 mA, and in the PCC-170SW is 6 mA. Otherwise the specs are the same. The PCC-170's wire-mesh grille (designed for conference table use) is more fragile than the PCC-160's all-steel grille, so be sure to warn the actors not to step on the mics.

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