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How do I connect a PZM-185 or Sound Grabber II to my camcorder?

I recently purchased a Crown PZM-185 for use in videotaping classroom lessons.  In order to use the mic, do I have to connect it to my camcorder? I own a Sony CCDTRV-308 and cannot find a place to connect an external mic. Please help!  Thanks, 
Tara Lindh  

Reply: That model of camcorder does not have a mic input . You would need to either  

1. Return the PZM-185 for a refund and use the microphone that is built into the CCDTRV308 camcorder to videotape your classroom lessons.  (Place the camera as close as possible to what you are shooting in order to record clear audio.)  

2. Exchange the CCDTRV308 for another model that has a mic input. This information is listed on the Sony web site ( When there, go to camcorders, then select Hi-8, then go to a particular model, then go to "Specifications" and look for "Mic Input".  Or you could go to your dealer and ask them if they have a model with a mic input connector (of any brand).  

If you go with the second route, please note that the PZM-185 will not plug directly into most camcorders (except professional ones). The PZM-185 has an XLR connector but most camcorders have a miniature phone-jack mic input.  To make the PZM-185 work into a camcorder, I would need to build an adapter cable for you.  

Maybe you'd prefer to exchange your PZM-185 for a Crown Sound Grabber II microphone. The Sound Grabber comes with a mini phone plug , which connects directly to a camcorder mic input. Also, the Sound Grabber costs less ($99 or less list price).

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