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What's the best way to hang a SASS-P MKII microphone?

Here's one way that works well:

1. If possible, first determine a good mic position as follows: Mount the SASS on a tall mic stand. Monitor the sound at various distances and heights from the sound source, and pick the best-sounding position. You will hang the SASS upside down in the same position.
2. Drop a nylon fishing line (at least 2 pounds test) and two long mic cables from a ceiling support over the SASS. You might want to use right-angle XLR 's at the mic end of the cables.
3. Tie the fishing line to the SASS swivel mount (the part with the threaded mic-stand adapter).
4. Plug the mic cables into the SASS.
5. Climb up to the ceiling support and pull on the fishing line and mic cables until the SASS is at the right height. You could use the top of the mic stand as a placeholder.
6. The SASS will be supported at three points: the swivel mount and the two mic-cable connections. Adjust the length and spread of the mic cables to vary the up-down tilt and left-right azimuth of the SASS. It helps to have someone on the floor or stage to check the SASS position. 
7. Once the SASS is positioned correctly, attach the fishing line and mic cables to the ceiling support with a knot, tie wrap, nails, etc. Make sure that the fishing line and mic cables will not slip.
8. Reverse the left and right mic cables at your mixer so that the monitored stereo image is not reversed.
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