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What are some effective ways to mike a harp?
Mark Bodine  

Reply: Here are some suggestions for recording a harp:


Position 1. To record a harp solo in stereo, try spaced omnis or cardioids (Crown CM-700 or CM-700MP) 3 feet apart, facing the sound board, near the front pillar of the harp. Or try a SASS-P MKII stereo PZM microphone in the same spot.


Position 2. If the harp is playing with an orchestra, mike the harp about 18 inches from the front of the soundboard, or 18 inches from the player's left hand.


Here are some options for sound reinforcement:


Position 3. Tape a mini omni condenser mic (GLM-100) to the soundboard. A mic on the inside of the soundboard has more isolation; a mic on the outside sounds more natural. The tone will be bassy, so roll off the excess bass with your mixer's EQ. For starters, try the hole that is 1/3 down from the top.


Position 4. Try a cardioid condenser (CM-700) wrapped in foam, stuck into the center hole from the rear.


Position 5. Place a CM-700 cardioid condenser about 8 inches from the sound board. First try a position about 1/3 up from the bottom, then fine-tune the placement until you locate the sweet spot for that particular harp.

Position 6. Put a stereo pair of mics, or a Crown SASS-P stereo mic, as close as possible to the top and front of the pillar, and aim it down at the center of the sound board. (Thanks to Gary Wakenhut for this idea.)



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