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Wireless PZM conference setup

We have several PZM-30D and PZM-185 mics, and are using them to record conferences. We are considering going wireless because the weight of the cables is becoming a problem as we are expanding. We travel with the equipment all over the world and weight is an issue. Would wireless work for these mics and is the wireless system less than a pound per microphone ?

Reply: A wireless system (one transmitter and one receiver per microphone) weighs at least one pound, so that would not provide a weight advantage. Here's a suggestion. Use thin mic cables (about 1/8" diameter) which weigh much less than thick ones. Run all the mic cables from a conference to an automatic gated mixer (such as the Shure SCM810) under the table. Then run a single mic cable from that mixer to your recorder. Or, you could even feed the output of the mixer to a single transmitter, and pick up its signal with a single receiver that is plugged into your recorder.

You might want to use an infrared transmitter/receiver instead of the usual radio transmitter/receiver. Infrared waves stay inside the conference room (aiding security), but radio waves don't. The Nady IRW-215 is an example of an infrared transmitter/receiver.

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