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CM-311A to an AKG PT60 transmitter

I made a cable to go between my CM-311A battery pack and my AKG PT60 wireless system. There isn't as much gain as when I'm hard wired. I have to turn up the mixer's input gain pot (but I'm not hearing any noise in the signal). The transmitter and receiver volumes are turned up to maximum. If I soldered a Crown EQM-311 module between the mic cable and the PT60, would this create a stronger signal?
Mark Boucher

Reply: The sensitivity of the CM-311A is 4 mV/Pa or -48 dB re 1V/Pa. The sensitivity of the CM-311AE (which is the CM-311A plus an EQM-311 module) is 1.25 mV/Pa or -58 dB re 1V/Pa. So the CM-311A hard-wired to an EQM-311 module would produce about 10 dB lower level than the CM-311A.

Sounds like you're doing everything right, Mark. Turning up a mixer's gain-trim pot is no problem as long as there's no hiss. Just be sure that the mic's foam windscreen is touching the lips; otherwise your voice can get cancelled.
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