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Is there a mic extension cable for the Sound Grabber II?

Is there a mic extension cable for the Sound Grabber II? We are using the microphone in our school library to record teachers and students.
Jean Gibson

Reply: You can extend the length of the Sound Grabber cable with these parts:

1. The 1/8" jack to 1/4" phone plug adapter that came with the Sound Grabber II. It's also available at Radio Shack as part no. 274-325, 1/8" mono jack to 1/4" mono plug adapter.
2. Radio Shack part no. 42-2379   25 ft. shielded cable, 1/4" plug to 1/4" jack.
3. Radio Shack part no. 274-047  1/4" mono jack to 1/8" mono plug adapter.

After you connect the mic to the adapters and extension cable, you might want to put tape over the connections so that they don't pull apart when the mic is moved.

Also, there's a small chance that you will hear a slight buzz or hum in the recording when the extension cable is used, because long cables can pick up hum from fluorescent lights, etc. If that's a serious problem, someone at Radio Shack or in your school's A/V department can shorten the extension cable to the minimum length that works in your library.

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