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How do I wire my CM-311AE or CM-312AE to a Mipro transmitter?

Shown below is a wiring drawing from a Mipro bodypack transmitter manual. If your transmitter has a 4-pin mini-XLR connector (also called TA3M or TA3F), here is the CM-311AE wiring to that connector:
Pins 1 and 2: Shield
Pin 3: White (audio)
Pin 4: Red (bias or power )
You'll need to get a cable connector that mates with the bodypack's mic input connector.
Here is a link to a Mipro bodypack transmitter manual. Pages 12-14 describe the mic connections.
That manual does not give the wiring for the phone plug . If your transmitter's mic input is a phone jack, the wiring might be:
Tip: White (audio)
Ring: Red (bias or power)
Sleeve: Shield
If the phone jack is tip-sleeve, the CM-311AE does not work with that type of connector. It requires separate audio, power and ground terminals.
If all else fails, you can temporarily make the CM-311AE hard-wired. Here's a link that shows how:
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