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Compatible wireless systems for GLM-100E, CM-311AE or CM-312AE

Could you provide a small list of compatible or suggested systems to attach the GLM-100E to?

Reply: The GLM-100E (or CM-311AE and CM-312AE) can be made to work with almost any transmitter model, such as models made by AKG, Shure, Samson, Nady, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica.

The GLM-100E does not come with a connector, so you need to solder on a connector that mates with your chosen transmitter. Here’s the process:

1. Once you have chosen a wireless system, go to the manufacturer’s website and find the section on wireless systems and transmitters. Look for belt-pack transmitters.
2. Find out what kind of connector your chosen transmitter uses, and its wiring (for example, pin 1: shield , pin 2: B+ or positive bias voltage , pin 3: audio. Usually this information is in the operation manual for the transmitter. You might need to contact the manufacturer’s tech support.
3. Purchase a mating cable connector. Typical connectors are Switchcraft TA3F or TA4F, Hirose HR-10-7P-4S, Lemo FG331, or mini phone plug . One source of connectors is
4. Solder the GLM-100E cable leads to that connector. Cable shield goes to the shield pin, cable red lead goes to the B+ (DC bias) pin, and cable white lead goes to the audio pin.
5. Plug the connector into the transmitter and check for proper operation.

The document below (Crown Technical Bulletin #3) shows how to wire the GLM-100E to various transmitter models:


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