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Miking a Leslie speaker with GLMs

I play a Hammond B3 with two 147 Leslies. Can I mount two GLM-100s or two GLM 200s, one in the top and one in the bottom of the Leslie to mic the top horn (highs) and bottom rotor (bass)? I currently use 2 Shure 57s but would like to use the Crowns if possible. 

I have been told that placing the mics in the front right corner of the Leslie (looking in from the rear) will reduce the wind noise and produce a better sound.  This will get the mics and cables away from the motor in the top and the amp in the bottom.  Any thoughts on that?
Kevin Syler

Reply: Kevin, I’d recommend one GLM-100 on the top horn and one GLM-100 on the bottom rotor. The GLM-100 can handle higher SPL (volume) than the GLM-200 and also has deeper bass. Also, the GLM-100 is less sensitive to wind noise from the spinning horn than the GLM-200.

Your suggested mic placement makes sense. I’ve heard that the sound is best through the louvers, but it’s easy to experiment and see what sounds better. Staying away from the motor and amp is a great idea.

Because the GLM-100 has an omnidirectional pickup pattern, it will feed back easier than the GLM-200 or SM57, but if you close-mike the Leslie it shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck!


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