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Miking flute recitals with flat floor mics

I have a Tascam digital portastudio with 3-pin connectors. I am a professional classical musician and give flute and piccolo recitals with piano, harp or guitar. I would like to record my recitals and use for uploads and demo-tapes. I borrowed a pair of flat-on-the-floor mics from my guitarist that worked well. He said they were "made by Crown, the leader in piezo crystalmikes". They looked like the Sound Grabber II but I read in your Q & A that this wouldn't be good to use to record music. I don't want to futz with microphone placement before a concert. I'd love to just throw up or down and play, but I want good quality. Any suggestions?

Reply: I think your guitarist meant to say “the leader in Pressure Zone Microphones”. That term, or PZM, describes the flat floor mics that Crown makes.

Do the mics that you borrowed plug directly into your 3-pin connectors?  The Crown PZM-185 looks like a Sound Grabber II but it has a 3-pin connector. The PZM-185 works great for recording music.

Here’s a tip: The PZM-185 sounds a little bright or trebly, but you can fix that. Get a microphone foam windscreen (available from Radio Shack), and cut out a block of foam about ¼ inch on each side. Using a razor blade or knife, shove that block into the gap under the nose of the mic, between the nose and the plate. That will reduce the treble. The more foam you stuff in that gap, the less treble, so you can adjust it to taste.

Good luck with your recordings.


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