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Sound Grabber II or PZM-185?

What's the difference between the two? I can see one has a 3.5mm" jack and the other is XLR - besides that, is there any difference?

Reply: The two mics sound the same when plugged into an unbalanced high-impedance mic input . The Sound Grabber II loses bass (low frequencies) when plugged into a low-impedance mic input (as in a mixer or audio interface), while the PZM-185 does not. In other words, the PZM-185 has better bass reproduction than the Sound Grabber when used with quality audio gear. Both mics sound the same in the treble (high frequencies).

I'd recommend the Sound Grabber II for camcorders and for recording meetings. The PZM-185 is better for recording music, plus it works on phantom power as well as its internal battery.

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