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What is the best mic to use to mic young children in a church drama?

What is the best mic to use to mic young children in a church drama?
Karl Wagner

Reply: The usual Crown mic for a theater stage floor is the PCC-160. However, because young children often have quiet voices, the PCC-160 might be too far away to pick up their voices loudly enough without feedback. The best option is to use wireless lavalier mics on the actors (if your budget permits). Crown does not make wireless mics, but you could check out products by AKG. The AKG WMS40 UHF lapel wireless mic system costs about $200. You can search for a vendor at

 A lower-cost option is to hang a couple of Crown CM-31 choir mics just over the heads of the children. The lowest-cost option is to put two or three stand-mounted mics (Crown CM-200A, or any cardioid mic of good quality) on stage at mouth height and have the children speak close to them. Good luck.



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