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How do I readdress control page objects?

On occasion, it may be necessary to change the address of one or more components in your IQ System.Readdressing Control Page Objects refers to the procedure of causing Control Page Objects to have their effects on components in the dataframe other than those that are currently addressed in their Object Control Lists. To readdress Control Page Objects, select them and right-click on any one of them revealing the Control Page Object Popup Menu. Click on the menu selection Readdress. A dialog box will appear. Select one or more components from this listing that you'd like to readdress. To change the server name, loop number or address of selected components: Select an item from appropriate drop-down combo box and click on the matching Change button to the right. The change will be reflected in the component listing. Note that in order to change individual component addresses you may select only one component at a time. Click on OK or Apply.
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