How can I reduce breath pops in the CM-200A?

Some CM-200A users complain of breath pops. They are not willing to use the supplied foam pop filter, which reduces pop by about 15-20 dB.  

In general, all pop-filter material you add inside the grille makes the pop worse. Material you add outside the grille makes the pop less. The object is to get the pop filter as far from the diaphragm as possible so that the pop turbulence generated at the filter won't be picked up as loudly.  

Some suggestions:  

Mike closer. This will increase the voice-to-pop ratio dramatically.

Place the mic at the chin aiming up toward the mouth. Sing over the mic instead of directly into it, so the pop disturbance shoots over the mic instead of into it. This placement will reduce gain-before-feedback a little, however.  

Cut the toe out of a black nylon stocking and stretch it over the grille. This will reduce pop about 4 dB.