How do I convert a CM-311A to wireless?

It's easy to use the CM-311A headworn mic either wired or wireless. For wired use, plug a mic cable into the belt pack's XLR connector. For wireless use, use a short adapter cable between the belt pack's XLR connector and your transmitter's mic input. Here is the wiring:

XLR pin 2: To cable hot lead (center conductor). On the other end of the cable, solder the hot lead to the transmitter low-impedance mic input (whatever that pin number is).
XLR pin 3: Solder a jumper wire from pin 3 to pin 1.
XLR pin 1: To cable shield. On the other end of the cable, solder the shield to the ground pin of your transmitter connector.

Here is a link to Technical Bulleting #3, which shows the transmitter input wiring for most transmitters. This file opens in Adobe Reader, a free download from When there, click on "Get Adobe Reader."

 Technical Bulletin #3.pdf