Can I mike my drums in stereo with a GLM-200 pair?

I want to try miking drum sets at my club using two GLM-200's glued together, facing away from each other to achieve coincident-pair stereo. I would place this mic combo right on the top kick-drum rim (beater side) centered between all the other drums (floor, toms & snare), one facing towards the snare, the other towards the floor tom. I have been using a mono condenser mic and it has been sounding really good, I just add a little low end. Do you see any problem with this?

Reply: The GLM-200 can handle 131 dB SPL before distorting, so if your drum playing isn't super loud, the GLM-200 should work fine. It will need some bass boost.

When you glue the mics together, be sure not to block the front and rear openings on the mic capsule. Ideally one mic would be upside down on top of the other, with both mics angled apart +/- 45 degrees from center (see the figure below). You might need to angle them apart as much as +/- 80 degrees from center.

If the mics are back to back, they might reject the rack toms too much. Experiment with the angle between mics before gluing them to make sure all the parts of the drum set get picked up equally well. You might use tape or clay to hold the mics together temporarily.