I want to use a PZM-11 or PZM-11LL with a VCR. What do I need to make the mic work?

The PZM-11 has a mic-level output. It requires:

The PZM-11LL has a line-level output. It requires:

Connect the PZM-11LL audio (+) lead to the cable hot conductor, and connect the cable hot conductor to the RCA plug's tip terminal.
Connect the PZM-11LL ground lead to the cable shield, and connect the cable shield to the RCA plug's ground terminal.
Don't connect to the audio (–) terminal on the PZM-11LL. If you wire the audio (–) terminal to the ground terminal in an attempt to unbalance the signal, the signal might be low level or distorted.

If the mic is picking up quiet conversation, use an XLR connector with a step-up transformer on the VCR end. See below.

The signal level of the PZM-11LL is 1.4 volts at 94 dB SPL. But at a quiet conversation level of 70 dB SPL, the signal level is 0.09 volt. This is 12 dB lower than the nominal input level of a VCR, which is about 0.35 volt.

To get 12 dB more gain, you could either use a mic preamp set for minimal gain, or use a 1:4 step-up transformer such as Radio Shack part no. 274-016, A3F XLR jack-to-1/4" plug adapter/transformer. In this case,
Connect PZM-11LL audio (+) to XLR pin 2.
Connect PZM-11LL audio (–) to XLR pin 3.
Connect PZM-11LL ground to XLR pin 1.
Use a 1/4" phone to RCA plug adapter on the output of the transformer.