Do you have a surface-mounted (boundary) mic with an on-off switch?

I currently have your PCC-160. What I am looking for is a flat [surface-mounted] mic with an On/Off button. I did read about your PCC-170, my concern is that this is momentary On/Off (Pause button). Can you provide me with any other mic you carry that has an On/Off switch. Must be flat [surface-mounted].
Pam Halvorsen

Reply: The Crown PCC-170SW is a flat (surface-mounted) microphone with an on-off switch. The switch can be programmed to work in three modes:
1. SWITCH ON, SWITCH OFF. In other words, the mic stays on after you press the switch, and turns off only when you press the switch again.
2. MOMENTARY ON. The mic turns on only when you press and hold the switch.
3. MOMENTARY OFF. The mic turns off only when you press and hold the switch.

The PCC-170SW has a supercardioid polar pattern to reduce background noise and feedback. The PCC-130SW is the same but smaller. It has a cardioid polar pattern which also reduces background noise and feedback, but a little less than the PCC-170SW.

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