How should I mike a wedding? (1 of 3)

What combo package would you recommend for wedding videography? I'll have two Sony vx2000 cameras, each equipped with stero mic mini jacks. I'm thinking sound targets would be the groom, the minister, the reader, and/or the house sound (if available). Supplemental sound recorders (besides the cams) could be minidiscs or PMD670 (with mini and xlr connections), and/or a Ripflash (minijack connection only - adapter case available to preamp mic to line-in).
Sam Houchins

Reply: We'd suggest using GLM-100 lavalier mics on the participants. The GLM-100 is phantom powered and has an XLR output, so you'd need a small mixer with phantom power. If your recorder has a line-level input, feed the mixer output to that input. If your recorder has a mic-level input, pad down the line output of the mixer about 40-60 dB and feed that signal to your recorder mic input(with an appropriate plug adapter). It might be sufficient to mike just the minister, as the minister's mic will pick up the bride and groom.

If you want to go wireless, the Crown GLM-100E comes with a pigtail cable for connection to a wireless transmitter of your choice. You would need to add a connector that mates with your transmitter. Crown's website has a Technical Bulletin #3 that shows how to wire the GLM-100E to various transmitters. 

The wireless receiver mic-level output would be an XLR or phone jack, so you'd need an XLR-to-mini-phone or phone-to-mini-phone adapter. XLR pin 2 goes to phone-plug tip, XLR pins 1 and 3 go to phone-plug sleeve.

To pick up the wedding reception, a PCC-160 on the floor would work well for overall pickup. Place it as close as possible to the action without getting in the way. It works almost like a shotgun mic but is nearly invisible.