How do I set up my Crown amplifier to operate in Parallel-Mono?

The following is a step-by-step procedure to set up a Crown amplifier to operate in Parallel-Mono:
  1. Make sure the amplifier is powered down.
  2. Place the MODE switch (located on the back panel) in the Parallel-Mono position.
  3. The input connector should be inserted into channel one (leave the channel two input empty).
  4. Place a small diameter wire (14 gage {1.63 mm}) between the two red output binding posts.
  5. Connect the speaker leads across the red and black binding posts.
  6. Channel one level control should be used to control output level.

Note: For those amplifiers with IOC (Input-Output Comparator) the channel two IOC indicator will illuminate when the unit is operated in Parallel-Mono.

Note: CE Contractor Series (CH/CL Series) CP660, D Series and K Series amplifiers cannot operate in a Parallel-Mono mode.