Powering a CM-30 mic that has no XLR connector

So here's the story: I have recently acquired a box of about 30 CM-30s and I would like you use them to record with. I am well aware that I need a phantom power box, however my mics have 6pin connectors on them. And I want to wire some new connectors to it. I want to know whether I should use an XLR or a 1/4" TRS connector. I don't want to fry anything, and also a wiring diagram of a CM-30 would be wonderful. I have searched for one and have come up empty handed.

Reply: Adding an XLR or TRS connector to a CM-30 mic would not enable it to be phantom powered, since the mic runs off DC bias, not phantom power. They are two different things. But you can power the mics as described below.

First, cut off the 6-pin connectors. You might want to cut each CM-30 cable fairly short because it carries a medium-impedance unbalanced signal. The circuit below powers the mic off a battery, and converts the mic to low-impedance balanced. Plug the Radio Shack adapter/transformer into an XLR mic input with phantom power turned off.

A phantom power module for the Crown CM-30 mic is the same as the one that comes with the Crown CM-31 microphone. Sorry, the module is not available separately.