Which Crown amplifiers are IQ compatible?

Any Crown PIP-compatible amplifier is also IQ compatible; however, since first introducing PIP-compatible amplifiers and PIP modules, Crown has updated the PIP standard. This affects which PIP-compatible amplifiers can host certain IQ PIP modules. To see a chart that shows which Crown amplifiers are compatible with various IQ-PIP and analog PIP modules, click here (24.4 KB pdf format).

CTs 2-channel models, CT "10" and MA "02" Series amplifiers and the MA-5000VZ are PIP2-compatible. The other MA and Reference series' amplifiers, and older CT series amplifiers are not PIP2-compatible. Note that the IQ-PIP-USP2 may only be installed in a PIP2 amplifier, however the other IQ PIP modules may be installed in any PIP or PIP2 amplifier. For more information on the differences between the original PIP and PIP2 standards, click here.

CTs multi-channel models are compatible only with the IQ-MC4, IQ-MC8, VCA-MC4 and VCA-MC8 modules.

The IQ-P.I.P.-MEM and -SMT, are continued in the line to allow older Crown PIP-compatible amplifiers to be upgraded to new IQ PIPs. In almost all other cases where PIP2-compatible amplifiers are used, the IQ-PIP-USP2 is the most cost-effective choice.