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Which PZM should I choose for drums?

I'm about to buy my first PZM mic and I'm wondering what mic to start with - I'm going to use it for drums... Can you guys help me choose a mic for this application?
Stefan (Sweden)

Reply: Our budget PZM is the PZM-185 ($177 street), which works on phantom power or a AAA battery. It emphasizes the upper frequencies (cymbals). A step up in quality is the PZM-30D or PZM-6D ($299 street), which work on phantom power. They have a flatter frequency response and can handle very loud sounds without distortion. The PZM-30D accepts a detachable standard mic cable, while the PZM-6D is smaller and has a permanently attached thin cable. They sound the same.

As for miking, you can gaffer-tape the PZM to your chest to pick up the entire set. Or if you are recording the drum set under a low ceiling, you can gaffer-tape the PZM to the ceiling over the set. Some people hang the mic by its cable inside the kick drum. Although the PZM-185 probably will distort inside a kick drum, the PZM-30D and PZM-6D can handle the kick drum without distortion.