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Can the Sound Grabber boundary be clear plastic?

I bought two Sound Grabbers a while back and have used them several times to make some great sounding recordings. I've also used your PCC-160s for a theatrical production. They're both great. And I've A - B'd both models against conventional condenser mics, and it's no contest. The boundary mics take the cake, hands down. Extra gain, very natural, high quality sound. I was wondering what you'd think of making the Sound Grabber boundaries out of clear plastic rather than black, for those times when you'd prefer the mic wasn't visible, or at least not as visible.
Allan Coe

Reply: Thanks for the kind words; we're glad that the mics are working well for you. I like your idea of the clear plastic boundary. Actually, it's okay to remove the boundary and just place the Sound Grabber II directly on the surface -- it works the same.