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How should I mike a wedding (2 of 3)

My daughter is getting married soon. What kind of microphone should I get so that the audience can hear the words of the participants?
Mark Moritz

Reply: For the audience to hear the comments, the microphone has to be close to the participants' mouths. A single clip-on mini omni condenser mic (lavalier mic) like a GLM-100 on the minister will pick up him, the bride, and the groom. If you use a GLM-100E mic into a wireless transmitter, ask the minister to turn off the transmitter when not in use. Try this out a few days or weeks ahead of time to make sure it works with your PA system.

As another option, try a cardioid mic (like a CM-200A) on a mic stand close to the participants. If it is too far away, the audience won't hear the words. Try it out ahead of time with your PA system. See how close you can place the mic to the people's mouths without the mic getting in the way.

In either case, set the mixer volume and mark it so that you don't run into feedback during the ceremony.