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How can I mike an observation room with a PZM-10?

We have an Observation Room in a behavioral health facility in which staff are required to monitor audio when a patient is placed in isolation. The room is 9' x 11' with a 9'-4" ceiling height. It looks like a PZM-10 mounted in the ceiling would be a good choice, very discreet and out of reach. We are planning on using a powered monitor speaker at the nurse station. Will one PZM-10 cover this room and where should it be placed? 

Leslie Thomas, Project Architect, Blackbird Associates

Reply: One PZM-10 in the center of the ceiling would be a very good choice. It has a mic-level output and is phantom powered, so your powered speaker would need to have an XLR-type mic input with phantom power. If your powered speaker has only a line-level input, you would need an inexpensive mic preamp between the mic and speaker, such as the Rolls MP-13 mini mic preamp:

An alternative microphone would be the PZM-10LL, which has a line-level output and an unterminated cable output. You would solder a mic cable to the PZM-10LL unterminated cable, and solder the other end to a phone plug (or whatever mates with your powered speaker line input). The PZM-10LL is powered by 12 to 24V DC, which can be provided by any DC power supply, such as the Crown PS-24.