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Do you have a wall-mountable or wireless microphone for voice recognition or handicapped use?

Do you have a wall-mountable or wireless microphone that is suitable for use with a PC for voice recognition software?
Tahlia Jayde, Voice-Automation Specialist

Reply: Crown makes four models of wall-mounted microphones for home automation and voice recognition:

PZM-10: Mic on a 1.5 inch circular plate, XLR connector, phantom powered. Mic-level output.
PZM-10LLL: Same as PZM-10 but line-level output. Permanently attached cable. Works on 12 to 24V DC.
PZM-11: Looks like a light switch. Screw terminal output. Works on phantom power or 12 to 48V DC. Mic-level output.
PZM-11LL: Same as PZM-11 but line-level output. Works on 24V AC, 12-14V DC, or phantom power as the PZM-11LLS2.

Mic-level output is about 1 millivolt, and line-level output is about 0.3 volt.

All the mics have a balanced, low impedance output so they can be used with very long microphone cables without hum pickup or high-frequency loss. Below is a link to the data sheets for those microphones. Datasheets are at the following website under the heading “PZMs for Security and Surveillance”.

PZM datasheets

Typical street prices can be found in a search at