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Tabla drums

I want to mount a pair of GLM-100s inside a set of Indian tablas (drums). I have a Mackie mixer with phantom power that they will be running into.
(1) Will the 48V of phantom power blow up these small mics?
(2) How can I mount the mics and connectors inside the drums?
(3) Should I use a compressor? 
Garett Buell
Nashville, TN

Reply: (1) The GLM-100 microphone will connect directly to the Mackie mixer with phantom power turned on. Since the GLM-100 requires phantom power to work, the 48V will not blow up the mics. 

(2) A hardware store should have all sorts of mounting brackets. The mic's XLR connector is 3/4" diameter, and you might find something near that size, like a broom holder. Or you could bend a thin metal band into an omega shape, drill some holes near the ends, and screw it inside the drum. Duct tape or double-sided thick tape might be an alternative.

(3) A compressor is needed only if the drummer plays too loudly or too softly. Listen to the drums during a live performance of the musicians and see if you can always hear the drums. If not, tell the drummer that you can't hear the drums sometimes and ask the drummer to play with a more-even loudness. Of course, dynamics are part of musical expression. If it's a problem, use a compressor.