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How to mike a tap dancer?

I have a client who is a tap dancer. He records his dancing on a plywood board. At another studio, he was miked by two pencil condensers pointed at his feet. He thought the sound was okay but could be better. I thought that to get a better sound, and stay in budget, I would use a pair of Crown Sound Grabber II PZMs on the board plus a condenser pointed at the feet, but further back to pick up more room sound. Suggestions?

Reply: How about a pair of Sound Grabber II mics on the floor a few feet from the board? That way the mics would not get stepped on, and you'd pick up more room sound. You might not even need to use the condenser mic.

Or, you could place the Grabbers under the board on the floor to get more low-frequency thump, and use the condenser to get the high-frequency taps.