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Help choosing a headset microphone

My boss and I are trying to find a headset microphone of the highest quality that would be suitable for a one-time radio show recording, but that would also be good for use in dictation after that. Others we have talked to have recommended the Crown CM311A.
Lauren E. Trail
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Reply: The Crown CM-311A is designed more for live music performance. The microphone is used directly in front of the mouth with lips touching the foam grille.

I think a better choice for radio and dictation would be the Crown CM-312A. It is a miniature mic in which the boom places the mic off to the side of the mouth. It’s a very clear sounding microphone. If it sounds too bright, you could turn down the high-frequency EQ at 10 kHz in your recording software.

Neither mic includes a headphone, but you could wear a headphone over the mic.

The link below is for a mic-to-USB adapter with phantom power -- the MXL Mic Mate. You’d plug it between the mic’s XLR output connector and your computer.