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What is latency, and does I-Tech have a fixed latency?

The latency of a device is the amount of time it takes a signal to travel from the device's input to its output.

When using the analog inputs, latency has been measured at 1.13ms. The latency of the input/DSP section is fixed, and does not change whether using no processing or maximum- available processing.

Latency with an AES/EBU input varies due to buffering of the signal that occurs before it is sent to the input/DSP stage, and is dependent upon the input AES/EBU data rate as shown below:



32 KHz

2.744 ms

44.1 KHz

2.358 ms

48 KHz

2.275 ms

96 KHz

1.807 ms

In addition to these sources of delay through the amplifier, there is the possibility of some minimal delay due to the wiring of the AES/EBU signal. The AES/EBU standard 110Ω cable has a delay of 6ns/meter. In addition, the I-Tech amplifier has a delay of ~85ns in its active digital loop-thru. To put this in perspective, a system with 50 meters of cable and sixteen amplifiers all looped through each other would have a delay at the last amplifier of 1.575us. This is equivalent to a delay of less than one-quarter inch. This additional source of delay will be inconsequential in almost all systems and can be ignored.